Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously. Every step of the process has been reviewed to ensure we protect our users and organizations. Security & Privacy is our priority.

We do not store any credit card or bank account infomation; that information is stored securely with our processing partner, Stripe. That ensures your donation methods have additional safeguards. We will never charge your bank or credit card without your confirmation.

We pledge sell your personal data to any third parties.


PCI compliance refers to adherence to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a global security standard for account data protection. Compliance involves conformity with numerous security requirements, such as quarterly network scans and annual compliance assessments with stringent validation requirements. Visit the PCI Security Standards Council for more information.

Stripe, the industry-leading payment processor trusted by thousands of companies and nonprofits, is what we use to process donations made using Piesa Giving's fundraising technology. Stripe is PCI Level 1 compliant, which means they maintain the highest level of data security when it comes to protecting payment information. Learn more about Stripe’s PCI compliance.

End to End Encryption and SSL protected web pages


Privacy is always an important piece in the giving process.

Piesa Giving and nonprofit organizations on the platform will never be able to see any donor payment details. Those payment details are stored only with our payment processor.

While we do store some personal data, we have stringent security measures in place to ensure that it is protected. We use both end to end encryption and SSL protected web pages to keep all your data protected.

We also do share data with our non-profit partners for the donation process. Information like full name, address, email and birthday. Please view our Privacy Policy for further details.

We use Amazon Web Services as our web hosting partner, which brings further protections for our donors and organizations. AWS has advanced security measures with firewalls, encryption, and more!

Please view our full Privacy Policy